Dec 12, 2008


I mentioned in my last post that the only thing Kade wants from Santa is a Star Wars toy. Because Star Wars is his daddy's favorite.

The other day, he also started a mental list for more presents.

For me!

There have been some of infomercials on TV lately, and Kade has really latched on to a couple of them. There are two ones that he talks about over and over, saying, "I'm telling Santa to get that for you! You NEED that!!" Every time he sees them, he yells, "come and see this NOW! You need that for Christmas!" Once I didn't make it in time and he started crying because, "it was so perfect for you, and you missed it!"

Here they are, the perfect gifts for me in the eyes of my 5 year old...

Get Snuggie:
Kade says, "You can move your ARMS in it! And you LOVE snuggling and being warm!!!"

The Nicer Dicer:
Kade says, "You can chop it up so fast! You can chop everything to pieces so easy!"

Little kids are so sweet :)

(No this is not a hint, lol)


Riahli said...

Funny! Actully the big warm snuggly thing looks quite nice, and I have a dicer of sorts that does come in handy when I remember to get it out. So I think Kade is one smart cookie!

Katie L. said...

Actually, I think the Snuggie kind of reminds me of the holocaust robe from the Princess Bride... ha ha ha

allison said...

oh my gosh. . . In my fantasy life I want a snuggie! hee hee. But I could never admit to having one and I don't think that my husband would ever stop pointing and laughing at me. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I love your etsy shop! So CUTE!!!