Dec 19, 2008

quick and easy snowflake craft

There was a corner of my house that was just too empty, and I thought it needed something pretty. I found the *perfect* thing on a great crafty website called The Best of DIY. They always have links to fun, easy projects to do! They linked over to this snowflake tutorial on Cut Out + Keep, another AWESOME crafty website that I love to visit regularly. The tutorial was really easy, this only took me about 15 minutes to complete. All it took was 6 sheets of printer paper and some ribbon I already had. It turned out so pretty!

I used Tacky glue instead of tape or a glue stick. It turns out pretty big, it is about 1.5 feet wide. This would be also be REALLY cool if you used some pretty double sided scrapbooking paper!! If I did that, I would probably store this in a box throughout the year. This one, I'll toss after winter. Here is a picture kind of from the side, so you can see how intricate and complicated it looks - but it's really not :) Try it!

**Edited to add a couple links for cute free gift tags to print out! I'll add more if I find them.

-Christmas Gift Tags from PapaDesign

-Gift Tags from Inside A Black Apple

-Cute Gift Tags from Kitty Genius

-Christmas Gift Tags from Camilla Engman

-Tags for Kids to Write On from Patricia Zapata

-Tags for Handmade Gifts from Sew,Mama,Sew

And if that's not enough, here's another roundup of free gift tag printables!

One less thing to buy, and if you don't have time to make any yourself, these are all really nice and unique gift tags!


Loving this family! said...

That's awesome! Blake and I are going to try this today!!! Thanks for the great idea!

peata said...

going to make some with my dd.