Dec 10, 2008


Much has been going on over here, as I'm sure is happening at your house as well!

First, THANK YOU to all my Etsy customers, who have made this December the best month for sales I've had so far... and the month isn't even halfway over! The deadline for shipping in time to arrive by Christmas is fast approaching, and I'm expecting it to slow down considerably after that. I am currently all sold out of Green Dinos, but I have a big stack I'm working on. If you would like to reserve one, let me know!

Today I had time to complete a custom order Sock Monkey, and I also listed a new Bella Bunny to the shop:

Last night, we had the privilege of attending the Christmas program at Kade's preschool. It was very sweet! There are always funny/cute things that happen at these... we had a boy run off the stage crying, another boy in the front row flipping his shirt over his head, kids yelling out things like, "YES! This is the one song I know!" or, "YES! This is the last song!!"

I wasn't expecting Kade to stand up there nicely the whole time, but he did! He was very serious, doing all the sign language and hand motions, and singing along heartily to the choruses that he knew the words to. I couldn't figure out how to get my camera to take a good picture, but here is the best (the blurring is intentional):

Well so far in this post I'm moving backwards through time, so I guess I'll go back even further. On Sunday, Kade got to see Santa (he said he wants a Star Wars toy... because it's his daddy's favorite). I've been wondering how much longer he'll believe in Santa. I don't know if I ever *really* believed. It wasn't a big deal at our house. We would get a present from Santa, but I think I always knew it was my parents. I don't push the subject too much with Kade. We go and see Santa every year and he gets one present from Santa. If he ever asks about it, I'll tell him the truth. It's a fun tradition, and I love making Christmas a magical time for Kade, but I don't want him to be let down when he finally learns the truth, or feel like I've lied to him. But for this year, he believes :)

After Santa, we went and got our Christmas tree. It was a rainy, icky day, and two of the places I called were already sold out of trees for the year! We ended up looking for a pre-cut tree at Freddies. After looking around at the 5-7 foot Douglas Firs for a while, Kade passed the 3 footers and was hooked. He ran over to this short, fat tree in the corner. "THIS TREE IS MY BUDDY!! GET THIS ONE! WE HAVE TO!! IT'S JUST MY SIZE!!" He yelled over and over, jumping up and down, giving the tree occasional wet needly hugs. "I actually kind of like it," Jeremy told me. It would sure save space in our little living room. And it was only $14! Plus, I have always wanted to get a Noble. It turned out to be the perfect tree for all of us!

We stuck the little guy in a cart, finished our shopping, and put the tree in the trunk for the ride home. I don't have a picture yet of the tree all decorated up, but it sure is cute :)

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Riahli said...

Adorable, I love the little tree, and your newest sock monkey, so cute! I am making one right now, and boy is it do you get your's to look so short and stuffed, mine end up looking like long, skinny, freaky, spider monkeys.