Jun 30, 2008


I just wanted to take a moment and introduce some new little creatures, available (or will be soon) in my shop! First, there are three Owl Messengers. They are a bit more complex than the other ones (which will still be available by custom order).

Also, remember I showed you the prototype of a mini sock monkey messenger bag? Well, here is the finished product!!

(modeled here by Sofie, who still needs a home!)

I have made four of these bags so far, and have enough for about 10 more- then I will be out!

On a side note. It's almost July! Does anyone else feel cheated out of their time, somehow? It can't have been over half a year since last Christmas... what happened to all my wonderful plans? Somehow time passed by without me, and I'm trying to catch up. Is that possible?

Jun 24, 2008

Been sewing a lot lately

And here are a few little peeks at what I've been up to....
I've been trying to finish up a few projects before I start up my part time nanny job next week. So far, I have 4 projects done, but also added 5 projects on top of all the other ones I haven't completed yet! I'm good at that!

This is the beginning of my great plan for sewing storage. I want to make a bunch of these and hang them in a grid pattern on the wall by my sewing area (a.k.a. kitchen table). I've got to figure out how to make clear plastic windows in the front, so I can see what's in there!

This is the messenger bag I made for my husband. It was a gift for our 6 year anniversary. I worked on it for two days straight, broke 2 needles and severely bent another. It was HARD getting that monster through the machine! But my little faithful machine did it, hooray! The most difficult part of this bag was all the extras Jer kept asking me to add- pocket inside flap, custom dragon patch (13" wide!) inside flap, hidden pocket for his i-pod, and inside storage for earphones, etc. Also a keychain attachment. Lots of stuff. I am so happy with how it turned out!

This is my prototype for a new item I'll have in the shop soon- Mini Monkey Messenger bags! they fit sock monkeys, stuffed animals, other plush, and dolls. It is fully lined and interfaced. It comes with a free special treat as well. I love mini-things! And free surprises! :)

Jun 21, 2008

Three little monkeys sitting on my couch

Custom orders, waiting to be shipped off to their new home!

See the lovely package hanging from the middle one's neck? That is how all of my sock monkeys are shipped off. They each have their own matching blank birth certificate and care sheet.

This one is for a new baby:

These two are for two little 1 year old brothers. Their older brother already has a sock monkey, so now all three will!

I used to do all of my sock monkey eyes the same. Buttons. Mostly vintage. One day, thought, I ran out of buttons, unexpectedly. I needed to finish a monkey right away, so I tried something different. I liked it! Now, all my monkeys have different eyes. Some buttons, some cartoony, some sleeping. Each one is different. It really helps them all to have their own personality.

I like the idea that they are all OOAK- even if I use the same pair of socks three times, they will still be different from each other.

I just bought 6 new pairs last week. I can't wait to get started on them! I also have about 4 others in the works. I am so motivated today to get some done... but I ran out of stuffing! I'm going to have to wait until next week, so I've got to find something to do until then. Luckily, my house is not short on things to do! Sadly, WAY to many things I *need* to do, and keep putting off. I am great at writing "to do" lists. Not so great at finishing them! Something I need to work on.

Jun 20, 2008

Don't what?

Kade bent over and started writing, very determinedly. With precise motions, he traced the letters in the sand. I tried to ask him what he was writing and he shushed me halfway through, saying, "it's not done yet."

Finally, he finished the last letter. He stood proudly behind his statement and asked me to take his picture. I asked what it said, and he replied, "don't hurt me on the beach," bobbing his head up and down and shaking his finger accusingly at me with each syllable.

"oohhh......" I replied. I was a little concerned. What did he think, exactly, would happen to him on the beach? Was he scared of sea-shell gleaning strangers? Wet dogs running wildly with their leashes trailing behind them? A killer whale beaching itself for the sole purpose of swallowing Kade whole?

"Honey, no one's going to hurt you on the beach! Or anywhere! Why would you think that?"

"Nooo, not me! My words. I don't want people to step on them and ruin them. So I wrote, 'don't hurt me on the beach.' Did you get the picture? Ok, lets go."

Jun 18, 2008

Fevers, rain, seahorses, and pirates.

It is fast becoming a family tradition of ours, that one of us is sick for every vacation or holiday. It never fails, wheee! Two days before our recent vacation to the Oregon coast, Kade came down with one of his fevers. When he gets these sudden miserable fevers, it could be a day or it could be two weeks before he is well again. Ya never know. Usually daytime is alright, but in the evening his temperature rises to 103+ degrees.

So, we had to decide whether to stay home and waste the reservation, or go. We went. For the first evening, Kade was too sick to do anything. Hooray for portable DVD players and chocolate milk boxes!

We couldn't have gone outside anyways, because it was so stormy that evening and through the night, that the cables holding our tarp over the camping chairs snapped! Thank goodness we were in a yurt, or we might have had to pack up and leave. Yurts are great. Power, heat, floors, beds, protection from the weather, a door that locks... along with most of the charms of real camping: campfires, sleeping bags, and sneaky raccoons.

After the first night, Kade's fever went away for good. The bad weather stayed. So we headed into town for the day and visited the aquarium. Have you ever petted a sting ray? I can now say that I have! They feel soft, velvety, and slimy all at the same time. So much cuteness! Kade was entranced by all the beautiful fishy displays. He really liked the huge spidery looking crab. To me, it seemed like a scene from 1000 Leagues Under the Sea. It was dark, and those crabs were moving very slowly and creepily. I could almost hear the music of doom working it's way up to the climax, in which this crab captures my son and holds him for ransom.

Here are a few of my favorites that I was able to get pictures of:

I wish I could remember the name of this next little sea creature. It's method of getting around is so funny, I need to share it with you! It's a fish that doesn't swim!! I need to use more exclamation points!!!!

After the aquarium, we went to the little (deserted) touristy part of town and visited a glass blowing studio, thrift store, and a pirate shop. Kade got his picture taken with a couple scallywags, stood at the helm, steering the ship and avoiding certain demise, and followed in the footsteps of an old pegleg pirate. It was a good day.

Tomorrow, I'll take you to the beach.

Jun 16, 2008

Under Review!

A while ago, the owner of the review blog, Seven Dogs and a Baby, emailed me and asked if she could review my plush dinosaurs. I sent over a dino and a messenger owl, and waited. When I saw the finished review, I was more than thrilled! It is entitled:

Messanger Owls, Monkeys, Dinosaurs Oh mY!

She is really a talented writer, I was totally grinning my face off while I read her kind words.
I wasn't sure what kind of traffic this would bring to my etsy store, or if any sales would come of it, since this was the first time I have really been featured anywhere. I have sold 4 things since then, and had some custom order requests, and a possible wholesale order. For me, that's pretty good!!

I since have decided to make my messenger owls customizable, so people can choose their own colors!

That is the only option for messenger owls up in my shop right now, but I am working on more fun color combos. And possible, some additional designs. I was doodling owls the other day, and thought it might be fun to have some different looks! What do you think?

Now that I think about it, I think one of the owls is something I have already seen somewhere. My brain might have pulled it up from the depths of my memory. It just seems familiar. So far, top row #2 and bottom row #2, #3, and #4 are my favorites. Maybe I'll make an owl community. Some larger ones might be fun for holding books, journals, cards, and stuff like that. Or, tiny ones with a metal keychain on the ribbon. I'm making a giant one for a friend's son that is big enough to hug and cuddle or use as a pillow, and can keep his little lovey blanket in the pocket. Supposedly owls are not the "in" thing anymore, but they have always been one of my favorite creatures, and I will always be making them.

Tomorrow (or later this week) I will share a couple pictures from our recent vacation. Ever been "yurting"? *So* much fun!

Jun 10, 2008

I've been a bad blogger

.... a bad, bad blogger!

However, I feel blessed that too many exciting happenings have been going on lately for me to even think about blogging! And now that I have some spare time, I shall share all the excitement with you. One thing today, more later.

Last week, I took Kade to visit a few local preschools. After seeing them all, I asked him which one he liked best, because you know, his opinion is important too! He told me which one, and I was so relieved- it was my favorite too! It was closest to home, nicest facility, best price, perfect schedule, etc. Upon me asking Kade why he liked it best, he replied,
"well, she gave me a yellow sunshine sticker to put on my hand, and I saw a really cool camera that I want to play with."

Oh, priorities!

Well, this little guy is now enrolled in preschool for next fall!

PRESCHOOL! That means I almost have a school-aged child.


I never thought of myself having actual kids. Only babies. Kids are only for old people, right? One of the most shocking "he's growing up" moments for me, was the fact that he has a list of supplies to bring for the classroom on the first day. I know, it doesn't make sense why that makes me go, "awwww!!" This is only preschool, for goodness sakes! Someone needs to slap me or something. I can see myself swirling uncontrollably into the life that is homework, show and tell, bullies, lunch money, girlfriends, sports, and book reports. Suddenly it feels like high school graduation is not that far off.

And it all starts with this piece of paper before me, asking for 10 glue sticks, a box of kleenex, and a sack of gummy bears.

I can see you shaking your head at me right now. Go ahead, I know I'm crazy. I probably need help of some sort. Just feel free to laugh at me, I can take it! At this rate, I'm going to need an ambulance standing by for me when I have a heart attack the first time he rides a school bus.

But, I'll be fine, I just need to take it one box of smelly washable markers at a time.