Jun 30, 2008


I just wanted to take a moment and introduce some new little creatures, available (or will be soon) in my shop! First, there are three Owl Messengers. They are a bit more complex than the other ones (which will still be available by custom order).

Also, remember I showed you the prototype of a mini sock monkey messenger bag? Well, here is the finished product!!

(modeled here by Sofie, who still needs a home!)

I have made four of these bags so far, and have enough for about 10 more- then I will be out!

On a side note. It's almost July! Does anyone else feel cheated out of their time, somehow? It can't have been over half a year since last Christmas... what happened to all my wonderful plans? Somehow time passed by without me, and I'm trying to catch up. Is that possible?


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sophie and her little bag are so cute!!