Jun 18, 2008

Fevers, rain, seahorses, and pirates.

It is fast becoming a family tradition of ours, that one of us is sick for every vacation or holiday. It never fails, wheee! Two days before our recent vacation to the Oregon coast, Kade came down with one of his fevers. When he gets these sudden miserable fevers, it could be a day or it could be two weeks before he is well again. Ya never know. Usually daytime is alright, but in the evening his temperature rises to 103+ degrees.

So, we had to decide whether to stay home and waste the reservation, or go. We went. For the first evening, Kade was too sick to do anything. Hooray for portable DVD players and chocolate milk boxes!

We couldn't have gone outside anyways, because it was so stormy that evening and through the night, that the cables holding our tarp over the camping chairs snapped! Thank goodness we were in a yurt, or we might have had to pack up and leave. Yurts are great. Power, heat, floors, beds, protection from the weather, a door that locks... along with most of the charms of real camping: campfires, sleeping bags, and sneaky raccoons.

After the first night, Kade's fever went away for good. The bad weather stayed. So we headed into town for the day and visited the aquarium. Have you ever petted a sting ray? I can now say that I have! They feel soft, velvety, and slimy all at the same time. So much cuteness! Kade was entranced by all the beautiful fishy displays. He really liked the huge spidery looking crab. To me, it seemed like a scene from 1000 Leagues Under the Sea. It was dark, and those crabs were moving very slowly and creepily. I could almost hear the music of doom working it's way up to the climax, in which this crab captures my son and holds him for ransom.

Here are a few of my favorites that I was able to get pictures of:

I wish I could remember the name of this next little sea creature. It's method of getting around is so funny, I need to share it with you! It's a fish that doesn't swim!! I need to use more exclamation points!!!!

After the aquarium, we went to the little (deserted) touristy part of town and visited a glass blowing studio, thrift store, and a pirate shop. Kade got his picture taken with a couple scallywags, stood at the helm, steering the ship and avoiding certain demise, and followed in the footsteps of an old pegleg pirate. It was a good day.

Tomorrow, I'll take you to the beach.

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