Jan 19, 2012

Newborn hooded towel set

Here is a quick project I made a couple months ago. I've been trying to make more baby things instead of buying. It takes more time, obviously, but it saves money, and I can make it look however I want! I had some infant towel sets saved from when Kade was a baby, but they were made with very thin material, and don't seem like they would be very warm or snuggly!

For this towel, I used a super soft white bathrobe of mine. The zipper had broken, and I never wore it very often anyway. For the front of the hood, and the back of the towel, I used some black and white hounds-tooth cotton fabric that I found at the thrift store (3 yards for $2!). For the binding, I used a lime green ikea sheet from my son's toddler bed, which we don't have any more. I also made a matching washcloth and two mits.

Kade picked out the black ribbon with the skeletons on it to use as tags.

Here it is in use. It is too small to use for very long, but it's super cute, and doesn't Cole look warm and snuggly all wrapped up in it? :)

Jan 18, 2012

Snow days!

We're in the midst of the big snowstorm of 2012 here in the northwest! So far we have about 12 inches, and it's still coming down.

On Sunday, Kade went sledding and made this GIANT 7 foot tall snowman with his aunt and daddy. But, I've been trying to think of fun ways Kade can enjoy the snow by himself. We don't have any neighbor kids, and I can't take a newborn baby outside in this weather to play with him myself, so Kade is really lonely!

We didn't have any carrots or small rocks for his face, so we used a rotten banana and bottle caps!

Here are some of the things I've suggested to him to have fun by himself:

~Fill a spray bottle with colored water and spray designs onto the snow
~Pack bowls with snow and make bricks to build
~Write or draw in the snow by making huge letters or shapes with his tracks
~Use a ruler and measure different areas to see where the snow is the deepest

Do you have any more ideas? I'd love to hear them! :)

Jan 3, 2012

The best Christmas present ever!

I went into labor on Christmas day,
and had my baby the next day!!
I am over-the-moon happy.
He is so precious :)

Baby Cole

December 26th, 2011
7 pounds 4 ounces
19.25" long