Jun 21, 2008

Three little monkeys sitting on my couch

Custom orders, waiting to be shipped off to their new home!

See the lovely package hanging from the middle one's neck? That is how all of my sock monkeys are shipped off. They each have their own matching blank birth certificate and care sheet.

This one is for a new baby:

These two are for two little 1 year old brothers. Their older brother already has a sock monkey, so now all three will!

I used to do all of my sock monkey eyes the same. Buttons. Mostly vintage. One day, thought, I ran out of buttons, unexpectedly. I needed to finish a monkey right away, so I tried something different. I liked it! Now, all my monkeys have different eyes. Some buttons, some cartoony, some sleeping. Each one is different. It really helps them all to have their own personality.

I like the idea that they are all OOAK- even if I use the same pair of socks three times, they will still be different from each other.

I just bought 6 new pairs last week. I can't wait to get started on them! I also have about 4 others in the works. I am so motivated today to get some done... but I ran out of stuffing! I'm going to have to wait until next week, so I've got to find something to do until then. Luckily, my house is not short on things to do! Sadly, WAY to many things I *need* to do, and keep putting off. I am great at writing "to do" lists. Not so great at finishing them! Something I need to work on.

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Karen Hudson said...

They are beautiful. I've just started to make them in an effort to teach myself to sew + have a long way to go. Yours have such character. Keep it up.