Jun 16, 2008

Under Review!

A while ago, the owner of the review blog, Seven Dogs and a Baby, emailed me and asked if she could review my plush dinosaurs. I sent over a dino and a messenger owl, and waited. When I saw the finished review, I was more than thrilled! It is entitled:

Messanger Owls, Monkeys, Dinosaurs Oh mY!

She is really a talented writer, I was totally grinning my face off while I read her kind words.
I wasn't sure what kind of traffic this would bring to my etsy store, or if any sales would come of it, since this was the first time I have really been featured anywhere. I have sold 4 things since then, and had some custom order requests, and a possible wholesale order. For me, that's pretty good!!

I since have decided to make my messenger owls customizable, so people can choose their own colors!

That is the only option for messenger owls up in my shop right now, but I am working on more fun color combos. And possible, some additional designs. I was doodling owls the other day, and thought it might be fun to have some different looks! What do you think?

Now that I think about it, I think one of the owls is something I have already seen somewhere. My brain might have pulled it up from the depths of my memory. It just seems familiar. So far, top row #2 and bottom row #2, #3, and #4 are my favorites. Maybe I'll make an owl community. Some larger ones might be fun for holding books, journals, cards, and stuff like that. Or, tiny ones with a metal keychain on the ribbon. I'm making a giant one for a friend's son that is big enough to hug and cuddle or use as a pillow, and can keep his little lovey blanket in the pocket. Supposedly owls are not the "in" thing anymore, but they have always been one of my favorite creatures, and I will always be making them.

Tomorrow (or later this week) I will share a couple pictures from our recent vacation. Ever been "yurting"? *So* much fun!

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