Jun 24, 2008

Been sewing a lot lately

And here are a few little peeks at what I've been up to....
I've been trying to finish up a few projects before I start up my part time nanny job next week. So far, I have 4 projects done, but also added 5 projects on top of all the other ones I haven't completed yet! I'm good at that!

This is the beginning of my great plan for sewing storage. I want to make a bunch of these and hang them in a grid pattern on the wall by my sewing area (a.k.a. kitchen table). I've got to figure out how to make clear plastic windows in the front, so I can see what's in there!

This is the messenger bag I made for my husband. It was a gift for our 6 year anniversary. I worked on it for two days straight, broke 2 needles and severely bent another. It was HARD getting that monster through the machine! But my little faithful machine did it, hooray! The most difficult part of this bag was all the extras Jer kept asking me to add- pocket inside flap, custom dragon patch (13" wide!) inside flap, hidden pocket for his i-pod, and inside storage for earphones, etc. Also a keychain attachment. Lots of stuff. I am so happy with how it turned out!

This is my prototype for a new item I'll have in the shop soon- Mini Monkey Messenger bags! they fit sock monkeys, stuffed animals, other plush, and dolls. It is fully lined and interfaced. It comes with a free special treat as well. I love mini-things! And free surprises! :)

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Anonymous said...

wow! that turned out awesome! Please don't go to my blog and look at mine! :( It isn't nearly as cool and I messed it up a lot! Yours looks great!