Dec 27, 2008

Another Christmas Past...

What a wonderful Christmas it was! We were able to visit all our family despite the crazy snow. We had lots of fun eating delicious food, building snowmen, exchanging presents, playing, and relaxing. Here are a random selection of photos (if I shared ALL the ones I liked, this post would be a mile long!)...

Kade on Christmas Eve morning.

The pretty Christmas Eve Dinner set up.

Jer bringing me coffee on Christmas morning (he must be a glutton for punishment, in the form of walking a mile in knee high snow....)

My cute little niece looking out the window at all the snow.

The 4 foot high pile of snow that Jer has created this past week, shoveling the driveway.

I hope you had a great Christmas too!!!
Now that it is over, I can share some of the things I made. In the next couple days I will do a post about the moss terrariums that I made, plus a few other fun things.

One more thing! Please look on my side bar, I have some new links near the top. Handmade toys and other handmade children items such as clothes, decorations, etc., are in danger of becoming illegal to sell, unless makers like me pay possibly thousands of dollars to have our products tested. This new law will put a lot of small business owners out of business, not to mention, it would be so horrible not to be able to buy unique, handmade items for the kids in my life. Hopefully this law will be amended in some way that will still keep childrens items safe, but allow makers of handmade toys and clothes to keep on creating and selling. Click on the links in my side bar for more information and to see how you can help!

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