Apr 27, 2008

Quick sewing projects!

So, I don't actually need a wallet, but I wanted to make one! I had this cute owl fabric I have been wanting to use for a while, plus some leftover gray cotton from my sister's purse. My mom found some linen shirts at the thrift store, which I used for the money pocket lining and the middle card pocket. I used a mother of pearl button from that shirt for the closure. Now I just have to find a good home for my little owly wallet :)

The other one I made for my sister (again!), she wanted a navy blue wallet with a bright sun, so that's what she got! I tried to get all fancy and do a clear license pocket and a magnetic snap. I did my measurements wrong and it turned out really wonky! The second try was better. I used some more of the linen on this wallet too.My sewing machine broke on Friday, and I almost cried! It happened right after I finished a wholesale order, thank goodness. I spent hours trying to fix it, calling my mom for help, and panicking in general. After taking it apart and cleaning out 3 pounds of lint (what, you're supposed to clean sewing machines?!), it started working again! Sigh of relief! I have bunches of other projects that I'm working on that I am depending on that machine for! I will post some pictures in the next few days. Some of the goodies include 4 new sock monkeys and a big overnight tote for Kade :) Fun stuff!

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