Apr 12, 2008

20th post!!

Today, I'm posting my 20th post since I started my blog, over a month ago! I'd love it if you left me a comment today, and let me know that you stopped by!!

First, I just have to show you my newest addition: Pink Dino, the sister of Green Dino! Now little girls can have their prehistoric leaf eaters and their favorite color at the same time :)

Today feels like the "real" first day of spring here - almost 75 degrees, blue sky, shorts! We went to the park right next to my house and walked along the river. Kade blew bubbles, we washed the car, got iced coffee, and rode bikes. What a great day!
A couple of not-so-great things happened, including a really bad accident that we passed, and driving one hour to get a huge box of packing peanuts from freecycle that ended up not being there after all. However, I'm not going to let that get me down! It's too warm and sunny to be upset.

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures today, but I took some a few days ago of a project I made for Kade. I had been wanting to make one of these crayon rolls for a long time, and I found some scraps of froggy fabric that were the perfect size.

I used this tutorial: On a Roll - Skip to My Lou

The picture doesn't show it, but I left a pocket on the end wide enough for a small notebook.

I didn't have any ricrac to sew around the edge, so I did a blanket stitch (my first time) - holy cow, it took forever. By the way, futuregirl did a great tutorial showing everything you will ever need to know about the blanket stitch! It is really easy to understand, and has great pictures.

Kade used it for intended purpose for about 5 minutes (he does not take after me - he doesn't like to paint, color, draw, anything...). Now, he likes to pretend that it is a burrito, and he unwraps it, fills it full of imaginary lettuce and cheese, rolls it back up, and tries to stuff it in my mouth. At least he's got a great imagination! :)


jimaie.marie said...

the crayon roll turned out SO cute! i love the way the blanket stitch looks!
awesome job!
oh! and congrats on post #20 :D

jessicajane said...

your son is adorable. i love how he pretended it was a burrito, cute!

ThisOldHenHouse said...

Oh my goodness I am just in love with every single thing in your shop!

Love Love Love those owls in particular :-D