Apr 13, 2008


Grandma: Kade, we're going to go on a board walk now,
won't that be fun?

Kade: Umm, I don't like bored walks.

I'm sure you will like this one, we'll have a great time!

No. No! I really don't like bored walks! I don't like being bored!
I don't want to go on a boring walk!
Boring isn't fun, and I don't ever like to be bored!

Needless to say, when he found out the difference between "board" and "bored", he was pleasantly surprised. On the same note, the other morning I woke up to Kade yelling, quite dramatically,
"MOMMY, you're boring me! Stop being so boring!
NOOO, you're boring me mom, I'm bored, I'm BORED!
I suppose I am pretty boring when I sleep, can't argue that....

On the other hand, Kade is the opposite of boring when he sleeps.
In fact, he's no less than fascinating.


PamperingBeki said...

Haha!! That's too cute!

jimaie.marie said...


my 4yr old is also in love with the word "bored" lately.
i'm bored, you're boring, that's boring, blah blah blah

such a cute sleepy picture!

Diana said...

What an absolutely beautiful little boy. Gorgeous pictures, both of them. I love the story, too.

I missed the opportunity to drop some love your way on the previous post, so please accept this belated congratulations and so glad you're here.