May 1, 2008

Monkeys and Rainbows

That title might sound like something a 4 year old girl might be excited about, or maybe I'm just really immature :)

There is a new monkey in my shop! Hooray!
He wants to be a superhero, so I made him a cape.

While I was taking pictures, I started playing around with the cape, and found it is useful in many different ways! It can be a cool looking hat, or even a bib or apron, if he is going to get messy!

Either somebody's been a bad monkey, or he's playing hide 'n' seek!

Enough of monkeys, on to rainbows! I took these pictures on Tuesday.
I like how the rainbow is going right over that large tree. That is where I would put a rainbow, if I was in charge of such things :)

This picture shows the actual brightness better.
I took Kade outside to see it, and the only thing he said was, "I wish I could slide down it. Can we? Please? No? *sigh* Lets go back inside then."


Nicole Solo said...

Beautiful rainbow. I want to slide down it too.

Mary Ann said...

The monkey is adorable and that shot of the rainbow is amazing. I agree with your son - it looks like you should be able to slide down it.

Regal Beads said...

amazing rainbow!

Diana said...

That monkey is adorable! I love all the shots and the versatility of the cape.

Your photos of the rainbow are lovely, and so is your Cade. Your story made me smile.

Best wishes,

Michelle said...

Omigoodness, that's the cutest moneky!! =) Love him! answer the question you left on my blog some days ago: the white journalling pen I use on my photos is a Uniball Signo. =)

Love Kpop said...

I was a girl, but clumsy things. I do not know how to cook, sew, above, ca. I have too insipid and tedious, but that's my personality. It's hard to change