Mar 7, 2011

A To-Do list

On my Custom Orders to-do list this week:

*Mini green camouflage sock monkey
*Mini blue camouflage sock monkey
(with a military patch on his tummy!)

*TWO spider-man sock monkeys
(these will take at least a month to complete)

*Chocolate brown Ellie Elephant with orange and cream polka dots
*Giant Ellie Elephant with patches made from
sweet little baby clothes (fantastic idea!!)

I better get working! But before I do that... Kade doesn't have school today, so we're going to have some fun. Right now he's watching morning cartoons, but soon we're going to play some board games (Connect 4 is up first), go to lunch and a little shopping, and make a Leprechaun trap! Great day.... I'll leave you with some photos of custom orders that I've completed recently!

Valentine sock monkeys for Mia and Ben:

An argyle sock monkey for Lucas:

A super tiny (6 inches tall!) sock monkey,
made out of fluffy newborn socks:

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