Mar 23, 2011

Pretty Spring Purse

Last week I made a new purse for my sister-in-law. I think she might be the only girl in the family I hadn't sewn anything for yet, so I figured it was about time! I used the free Buttercup Bag tutorial from Made By Rae. I also added some changes- I enlarged it, added a top zipper, piping, and some pockets on the inside.

Do you find it hard to pick out fabrics for someone? I do! Especially for something like a purse, because I want to to be their style, something they'd pick out themselves! Here is what I finally picked out. I think it's really soft and pretty, perfect for a spring purse! I love the symmetrical design. I chose out a pale blue thick stripe for the piping and lining. I bought 1/3 yard of each fabric, and used ALL of it for the purse! Lucky guess!

These are bad pocket pictures, I should have taken them before I sewed everything together! I love pockets. I always have so much in my purse that it's near impossible to find my wallet and phone quickly, unless they are in their pocket.

I feel more secure with a zipper on my bags. This style of bag doesn't sit up really well, so it's nice to know that when I toss it in the car or on the table, nothing will fall out. The little ribbon on the zipper pull makes it easy to open and close.

The finished bag! There is heavy interfacing on the top, to keep it sturdy, and just medium interfacing on the bottom. I've made three of these bags now, I think it's a great pattern!

Now I just need to make one for myself one of these days!

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Super cute Melody!!!