Mar 2, 2011

Redecorating the Kitchen

Maybe I should say "decorating" instead of "redecorating", as before, it wasn't really decorated at all!

A while ago, I found the cutest vintage canisters at the Goodwill. They are from the 70s. It's pieces of two different sets mixed together, they both have cute brown and orange mushrooms on them. I immediately fell in love with them! I have kind of been hiding them, because I didn't have a good spot where they would look pretty. This is what my pantry used to look like:

(This picture from Kade's 6th birthday is the only one I could find with our little bamboo-blinds covered bookshelf pantry in it!)

I decided it was time to make things a bit cuter, so I reorganized the pantry, displaying my vintage mushroom canisters on the top shelf.

I bought some fabric that I found on an amazing sale, and whipped up some cutrains. I used a tension rod to hang them under the first shelf. The cutrains can be opened in the middle, pushed to the sides, and quickly held back with some little white cup hooks.

Much better! I'm trying to think of some other little projects I can do around the kitchen to make it cuter. Maybe some cafe window curtains for the big mirror above the sink? Some matching mushroom decor (Jer already found me a lovely mushroom cutting board) like a wall clock, trivets, or salt and pepper shakers? Although, my little kissing frogs shakers from my sister look quite at home amongst the mushrooms, don't they? :)

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