Mar 17, 2009


This is just a quick post to announce that the first of a new item is up in my shop!
I have begun making plush elephants, and believe me, they are probably the most cuddly toy ever! I bought the pattern to make gifts for a new baby and a birthday boy, and when I finished them I knew I *had* to make more! I got permission from the owner of the pattern, and soon I will have my own elephant parade going on at my house! Here are a few pics of the first two that I made:

Here is the first Elephant up for sale in my shop, available now!

I've got more in the works. The next one up will be made of dark gray fleece with bold red and white stripe accents. I also have ideas to make a light gray "Saggy Baggy Elephant"

(remember that book??) and a blue and orange checkered Heffalump

from Pooh's crazy psychedelic dream. I also just stocked up on lots of different colors of fleece, so I can make a wide range of colorful elephants. Yay! I even created some really fun tags to go along with each elephant. Each tag will match the elephant it belongs to, just for the sake of being cute :)


Riahli said...

Those are really freaking cute, I am glad you are able to sell them...I'm pretty sure people are going to love them. I know I want one!

Loving this family! said...

Adorable!!! I like these a lot!!!

Julia Marie said...

Such a cute elephant! Would you mind sharing where you found that pattern?