Mar 11, 2009

May the Force Be With You

My mom should earn the title "Jedi Master" solely for this cake she made Jer for his birthday!!!

It started a few weeks ago when she called and told me she had an idea for a cake she could make him, if we were interested. "As long as it's not very big, because there are only going to be about seven of us," I told her. Well, five and a half feet long is a long stretch (hehe) from not very big!!! It was only 4 inches wide though, so it evens out, right? I couldn't say no, I KNEW Jer would absolutely go nuts about this cake, so I accepted the offer!

There are a few Star Wars obsessed people fans in my family, so my mom had help deciding what it should look like. She fashioned it after Darth Vader's lightsaber, which is Jer's favorite.

She brought it over on Saturday before our few guests arrived. We were AMAZED!!! Jer would have picked it up and wielded it, slashing invisible enemies, had I not told him, "Fall victim to the dark side of the force you must not. Cake for eating. Restrain yourself you must." She has made many many awesome cakes before, but this one, I have to say it, takes the cake! I mean, who do you know that can make a cake that measures 5.5 feet long?!

OK... you've been waiting long enough for the pictures, so here they are!

(I had to tilt my camera to get the whole cake in the picture!)

It was the star of the party. A cake to remember! Awe-inspiring, and DELICIOUS to boot!


Riahli said...

OMGoodness Melody, your mom is amazing! That is one cool cake! I wish I had a pinkies worth of the talant that you and your mom have!

BTW I miss you, I hope maybe this summer we can get together with the kids and go on an outing or something. Maybe weekend camping? Anything. We didn't go camping at all last year, cause the kids were so little, so I am hoping to go at least a few times this summer, before I get to big anyways, I am due Oct. 11th. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

This is the best cake ever. We are a Star Wars family as well. You can see Yoda in one of my photos coming out from under a quilt I was making. My son goes around the house all day humming the Star Wars theme and going BBbbbjjeaauuw Bbbjeeeauuuww making his lazer sounds.Yesterday morning I asked him if he had any good dreams and he said yah a Star Wars battle galactic! I have heard him every few days over the past week laughing in his sleep about 4am. It is apparently a funny battle?!
Back to the cake. Tell your Mom well done. P.S. my favorite stuffed animal as a little girl was an elephant that had a zipper in the back. In elementary school I put my first love letter from a boy in class inside that little pocket and kept it for years.