Nov 11, 2008

Tis the season for custom orders

If not too many new things are popping up in my shop during November and December, it's because I'm busy making custom orders! It's not too late to request a custom order in time for Christmas, but do it soon! Here are some that I have finished just in the past week or so:

Plush Owl Messenger in pink and brown (These would make GREAT holders for gift cards! They would fit perfectly in stockings, or you could hang them right on the tree!):

Happy 6th birthday to my nephew!! As soon as I can find more camo socks I will be making more of these Military Sock Monkeys!

More sock monkeys for some special little kids! The black one is SO SOFT!

I have more of the fabrics I used to make this purse, I am tempted to make one for myself! It has a magnetic snap closure . It's lined with the striped fabric and has a zipper pocket on the inside with tiny owl print- cute!

Besides custom orders, I am working hard trying to build up my inventory! I have stacks of fabric, piles of ribbon, and bags of stuffing in various places around my house right now...

Of course I have to make more BusyFingers BabyBuddy green dino... or as I call him, the Dino Buddy... but that reminds me of chicken nuggets. If you have kids you might know why!

More fabric gift bags for Christmas... these are my fabric selections this year. I only have a couple bags listed right now, but go ahead and let me know if you'd like any from these other fabrics!

Lastly, something else I've been thinking about lately - Custom family bottle cap magnet sets! They are available in a set of 3, 6, 9, or 12 magnets. Send me your photographs and I will edit and crop them just right! The set comes packaged nicely, and would make a great, unique, personalized gift!

If you don't have exactly 3, 6, 9, or 12 people, think about adding in grandparents, grandkids, pets, good friends, etc.! I also have 9 designs available as a "filler" if you are off by one number. You can mix and match any color with any design. I could even do names, dates, or other words, if you want to get specific!

I don't have any of these magnets listed yet, but just contact me if you are interested! :)

I'll let Porky tie up this one...

1 comment:

Riahli said...

You are absolutly the coolest crafty lady I know!

By the way people, I ordered some of the stuff listed on this blog, and I LOVE IT! The owl purse is amazing. I have never been disappointed by anything I have ever ordered, it's always beautifully crafted.