Nov 5, 2008

Slippery FEET!

"Slippery FEET!!!!" is Kade's super-hero power. It makes bad guys slip and fall asleep. I think that's quite a useful power. The bad guy will not only probably throw his back out and not be able to run away when he wakes up, but the sleeping could provide ample time for Super-Kade to tie up his arms and legs and take him to the authorities.

Me: "Run towards me so your cape is flying out behind you when I take your picture!"
Kade: "No, take a picture of this pose, it's way cooler than your idea."

This is another pose he wanted to to capture. Not quite sure what is going on here, but it looks to me like he might have accidentally used "slippery feet" on himself, and now his back hurts.

My favorite picture...

*The cape is from SuperFlyKidz, and the mask and wrist cuffs are from DiscoveryDenim.

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