Nov 12, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away

Dear Rain,

I love you, but we have been seeing too much of each other lately. You just NEVER STOP. Even in the middle of the night I can hear you. If I look out the window, I can see you. I need some personal space. You are trying to force me to stay in the house all the time, it's getting a bit out of hand. Please. Let's take a break. Come back when you can control yourself.

Yours truly,

This park is a 3 minute walk from our house. This picture is of the soccer field.

This is another park half a mile down the road. The water very close to the trestle, and what used to be dry land looks like a raging river. I could see the river rushing like a waterfall down into one farm's field.

Kade and I were on the way to the post office to mail 3 Etsy orders. The post office was closed and all sandbagged up. We saw someone kayaking right down 1st street!

Our back yard has a little creek. As you can see it's not so little anymore. There is usually about 3-4 feet between the bridge and the water!

I'm pretty sure our house is safe. I'm not so sure about the highway between our house and town. I might get stuck at work tomorrow! Jeremy will have trouble getting to and from work. All this flooding seems like it is coming much earlier than past years. I wonder what the rest of November will hold.

Right now Kade and I are going to do a couple science experiments about the different forms of water. He has been full of questions today! "What is in the clouds that make them rain?" I did this with him before, but I guess he needs a refresher course! We'll be making ice cubes and then melting them with our hands, and boiling water in a pot with a lid, watching the steam build up condensation on the lid. The terrarium we made in September is also a good tool for teaching how water recycles itself, but it's more of a long-term experiment.

I think today calls for some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. I'll start on those right after science class... or maybe they can be part of science class! :)

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Riahli said...

I love the rain poem, that is the best, I need that posted up on my fridge.

The kids have been cooped up for the past couple days, cause it's rainy and cold...not a good combo, and they are driving me crazy! I might try to take them out for a breather today, but it is so much work! The bundling, and boots, and such, with my boys and the daycare kids it takes, I swear, like an hour to get outside, and then within minutes they want back in again. Whims...if I didn't want back in so bad, I would make them stay out!

I have a feeling it is going to be a long hard scary winter,(not the snowy kind, but the wet soggy yucky kind) I will be on my knees begging for sun by spring! Every winter I decide I don't want to do childcare any more, and then come summer it's the best job ever...they are just so much better to deal with outdoors! It could also be that I am just in a much better mood when it's warm out, and a little less rainy.