Jul 8, 2008

Oh, sunny day!

A while back, I posted about some wallets I made. The sunshine one went to my sister, and she asked me to make her a matching messenger bag! She left for Greece last week, and I barely got the bag done so she could take it with her. (My sister is now completely accessorized with stuff made by me, she is like a walking advertisement! haha). Once again, my machine fought with me throughout the making of this bag. However, I conquered in the end, and my machine submitted to my demands. I could hug it, I am so happy!

So here are the pics of the Sunny Day messenger bag!

(You can't see very well but there are orange sun rays sewn onto the flap)

I love this blue ticking! The orange zipper opens up to a nice bright blue lined pocket.

Next on the list (OK... not next... but definitely on there somewhere) is a bag for myself. I want a cute large bag with different compartments and pockets so I can take my crafty stuff with me to my nanny job to work on when (if?) the baby is napping. Right now I am using canvas shopping totes and plastic bags. Doable, but not very stylish :)

I need to run to the store today and buy some more thread, and then I'm going to finish sewing up some really sweet sock monkey ornaments and post some pictures!


Kitty Grrlz Knits & Spins! said...

love the bag! especially the colors!

Kay said...

This is great I think my lap top would fit in there ;)

Would love to see you posted at HerBlogDirectory.com