Feb 18, 2008

Lex the Fish

For Valentine's Day, J picked out a pretty betta fish to go in the big bowl with our froggies. They all get along great, and even hang out together. Once so far, the frogs (Ninja and Slayer) saw Lex swimming by above them and thought it was food, grabbed onto his tail with their mouths, and from then on it was a wild ride. I am so glad I have a mesh cover on the bowl, because I am sure at least one would have been flung out during the mass panic. Lex was, of course, a bit upset with the frogs. He stalked them for the next few hours, facing them and flaring up. I happened to have my camera out and got a picture of all the excitement. Lex soon forgot about being mad carried on with his normal business of staring at me wherever I go.


I made something for myself today! I saw a cute handy needles and pins carrier that someone else had made, and thought that would be awesome to have. Every time I take my sewing things with me somewhere, the pincushion just gets thrown in the bag with everything else, snagging on socks, tangled with embroidery thread, etc. Well, I'm trying to get more organized, so here is what will solve that problem, at least:

It was so simple to make, took about 10 minutes. I think I will make some as gifts for some people I know who sew. Maybe I will make some matching pincushions so they have a set, one for home and one for travel!


brandianndesigns said...

love the pouch. that's really a good idea. maybe you could sell it on etsy?

Tanya Pshenychny said...

that second photo of the fish and frog is too cute! what an awesome color of the fish, too.

amy said...

I used two have three frogs like that, I love the way they eat. Like cookie monster, nom nom nom!

jimaiemarie said...

this is SUCH a great idea! I agree with the above poster, on etsy please! those would make GREAT gifts for the craftsters in my life! awesome.

and Hey! i want froggy friends for MY beta :) Do tell, where do you get them and what are they called?