Feb 12, 2008

BusyFingers BabyBuddies

I have introduced a new item into the shop! They are infant toys made of fleece, with ribbon tags. My mom came up with the name BusyFingers BabyBuddies. I think it is a cute name, plus it describes what the toy is! I have 6 more designs coming soon, and some ideas not drawn out yet. These are the three designs available right now:

*Lavender Flower*

*Blue Whale*

*Red Bird*

There is a local boutique that might have these in their store on consignment, along with my sock monkeys, little girl purses, and plush owls! They have already been selling the bottle cap magnets for quite a while, which do well there. I am going to take some items down there this week for the owner to see. I've got to get working so I have enough stuff to take in. Fun stuff!

Something else fun in my life lately is a little tradition that my sister and I are starting. Once a month she comes over to our house and we cook an international meal together! I love international food, but cooking intimidates me! Everything has turned out really great so far. Here is what we have tried, along with the recipes:
India - Palak Paneer
Greece - Spanakopita
Thailand - Peanut Sauce on Sukhothai Pad Thai
(minus sauce, plus chicken & mushrooms)
Tonight we are doing Italy - Spinach and Sausage Lasagna with White Sauce
(seemed fitting since Valentine's Day is this week)

Cooking internationally (as opposed to restaurants and take out, which we do quite often with Indian and Greek food especially) has been great for me - I find that I can actually cook these wonderful meals, it is not any more expensive than cooking "normal" food, it makes K want to try more things (He loves Gyros, and the spicy feta dipping sauce), and.... it is just yummy! It makes cooking enjoyable for me, and I know J appreciates that I am cooking more!

I'll add on more recipes each month as we try them out! I think next month will be Ireland, since St. Patty's day is coming up!

Today I'll be making some Valentine's Day cards with K to send out to his Grandparents and some other special people. I'll post the results later!


Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

Those busyfingers are too cute. What a clever idea!!! I like all three, the whale is adorable.

High Desert Diva said...

these are darling!

Connie said...

actually, etsy doesn't allow name changes they made an exception for me because my old name was a bad word. (unintentionally of course) the only way that you can get a new name is to open a new account.

earth and sun folk said...

i love your creations!!