Jul 1, 2012

Wedding Gift

I have seen some lovely embroidery designs like this around the internet, and thought it would make the perfect gift for my cousin's wedding. I have made one before, but unfortunately have no pictures (they weren't backed up before my computer crashed). This is a relatively simple gift to make, because you only need to use one embroidery stitch. Just make sure your lines are as smooth as possible, and your stitches are all uniform size, and it looks so pretty! I want to make one for myself next, to adorn our new home.

I used some natural unbleached cotton, I like the look of the little flecks in it. For the arrow, I tried some sparkly thread to add just bit of a glittery accent! 

I don't know what happened to my camera here, but I'll pretend like I did it on purpose... the effect is soft and pretty! This is the back, all nice and neat so you can't see any raw edges and the messy underside of the embroidery.

I hope she enjoys it! :)


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