Jul 3, 2012

WAZZU Sock Monkeys!

I happen to have many many family members, from both sides, who are huge WSU Fans. One of my aunts recently commissioned three sock monkeys made from Cougars socks! I thought it was a great idea... and they look so cute!

This one is for my niece Kiya. I'm not sure who the other two are for, but there are so many Cougs fans in her family, I'm sure she won't have a problem finding these monkeys loving homes! :)

These team sock monkeys would make a great gift... what's your favorite team?


Our Family said...


Mike said...

I love the smile they have on their faces.

Nadine Noire said...

I love your monkeys and yous site as well! A lots of good ideas. I'm gonna check it more often:) I borrow one of your pic with monkeys and put in on my fb fanpage.(secondlifeofthings if you want to check.With a link to your site of course! Hope it's ok.