Mar 25, 2010

"The Death Star is fully armed and operational!"

Here are the photos I promised of the amazing cake my mom made for Jer's birthday!
Remember the light saber cake from last year? This one kept with the Star Wars theme.... the Death Star!

That whole cake is edible! My mom made the fondant herself, and it was so yummy. The Death Star (how do you bake a round-like-a-basketball cake, anyways?!) was chocolate with peanut butter filling. The sky/galaxy cake underneath was the opposite. It was delicious, but boy, it sure was hard to cut into that beautiful cake. I made sure to take lots of pictures before I got out the knife!

Here are my handsome boys (and a gnome).

The candles all aflame.

Making a wish. ("I wish I was a real Jedi" I'm sure!)

Thanks for the perfect cake, Mom! :)

Changing subjects, I put my back out on Sunday! I don't even have a great story to go along with the injury. It happened while I was sleeping. Figures! I haven't been able to work this whole week, and I've been in so much pain I'm limited to laying on the couch all day. The only time I get up is to get Kade to and from school. Luckily my guys have been taking great care of me this week, and I think without Jer's constant checking to make sure I'm resting, I'd have damaged my back even further.

I guess my diagnosis is "Back Spasms". I've been going to physical therapy and the chiropractor, but my pain hasn't really decreased much at all. Hopefully my back starts to heal soon, because I am so sick of being banned to the couch! I keep thinking of all the things I should be doing (custom orders to finish, housework, etc), feeling guilty that Jer has been working all day and then has to come home and work more (although that's what I usually do every day!), and I just feel useless, bored, and frustrated. You'd think it would be kind of like a vacation! I guess if I wasn't in constant pain, it would be enjoyable for a while. But I'm the kind of person who likes to be something useful!

OK, I'm done complaining, but seriously... my back better get well soon or I'm going to go crazy! I wish I could bring my computer over to the couch, I'd blog-surf all day... now that sounds like fun! :)

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Riahli said... sorry about the back. Tried to call you and I heard your call back just haven't had a chance to call you back again.

That cake is awesome!

Well hopefully I'll get a chance after Easter sometime, got a ton of doctors appointments for Atty coming up...ugggggg!