Jan 21, 2010

Love for Haiti

Since the earthquake that devastated Haiti, so many people have been looking for ways to help in some way. Whether it be a donation to the Red Cross, gathering supplies and necessities to send down to Haiti, or fervent prayers, the people of the world are reaching out. I wanted to let you know of two other ways that you can make a difference:

All items have been generously donated by the crafting community. In just one week, over $20,000 have been raised and over 1000 items sold!! That is astounding. Right now, you can visit Craft Hope and buy something, and all proceeds will benefit Doctors Without Borders in Haiti. If you are a crafter, you can also donate an item to Craft Hope. They are taking a short break from accepting donations, due to the overwhelming amount of items they have sold, but check back in a couple weeks and they may be taking donations again. But, there are still many items left to purchase! You can also visit the Craft Hope Blog.


Haiti By Hand is a shop showcasing handcrafted pieces created by a group of artisans in Despinos and Croix de Bouquet, Haiti. HOWEVER, in light of the earthquakes on January 12, 2010, this site will host a wide community of artisans who have donated their work to be sold with all sales going directly to Haiti By Hand. If you are an artist or crafter and would like to donate items to be featured, they have an email address listed.

Also, if you visit this post on the blog for Haiti By Hand, you can learn how you can make Bella and Beau bunnies for the children of Haiti! This is copied from that post:

"When I was visiting the hospitals and orphanages in Port-au-Prince I ached to have something soft and sweet and cuddly to give the children and babies. Something just kept tapping at my heart that these little ones needed something to hug and love.

So I am putting a call out to all my fellow seamstresses. Let's start our machines humming and make some cuddly bunnies for the children of Haiti. The patterns will be available for purchase in the Haiti by Hand etsy shop by Friday. If you do make these bunnies please email us for our shipping address. I will personally make sure they are delivered directly into the hands of these precious children. (Please note that the bunnies are baby-safe, so no buttons or other items that could harm a little one. And the softer the fabrics the better. Oh! and make sure you make boy bunnies too.)"

I will definitely be making some bunnies to send! I'd love it if you could join in as well! Every little thing we can do to help in some way will make a difference. =c)

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