Nov 15, 2009

A first, and hopefully not a last!

I did my first craft fair yesterday! It was very small- only about 6 vendors, and it was also the first one for the girl who organized the whole thing. She did great! It was a lot of fun putting up my display. I never see everything I have made all out at the same time, looking pretty. My house is so small, new items go right into storage until someone buys them. I have been sewing like crazy for the past few weeks, trying to build my stock up. I figured even if I didn't sell a lot at the craft fair (I ended up selling 5 items), I would be able to have a big update ready for my Etsy shop! (It's coming- I just have to take some pictures!)

Here is my little set-up (click on it for a bigger picture):

This is the my main table. I made that banner by printing out the letters onto scrapbooking paper, cutting out the triangle shape, mounting them on black card stock, punching holes in the corners, and stringing it on some fancy yarn. I used Target storage cubes as displays, which worked REALLY well! They are so versatile- I made some little corner cubes, a couple tall towers, and some shelves. They were perfect for hanging all my Owl Messengers on, too! I ended up having more stuff than I thought I did, so I expanded my space onto this other small table:

Also- laughing at myself is a little lonely, so I invite you to join in! Do you ever have one of those, "what was I thinking?!" moments? They seem to happen all too often to me, but this last one was especially bad.

I was getting ready for work last Friday morning. Not too tired, because it's my late-start morning- I don't have to be there until 8am. So, I can't blame this on sleepiness. I washed my face and then went into my bedroom to put some toner on my face. I picked up the bottle, poured some toner onto a cotton ball, and started applying it all over my face.

Then I noticed it started to sting. And it smelled horrible. Kind of like fingernail polish remover. I continued to apply this burning, horrible-smelling substance to my face, thinking, "that's weird," and that's when I realized - DUH - it WAS fingernail polish remover! When the knowledge of what I was doing hit me, I had this split-second image run through my head of all the skin on my face falling off- as if I had put straight acid all over my skin. I just kept thinking, "how? WHY?!" The bottles don't even look the same, not the same size, shape, or color, so I can't blame it on that either. You have to push down on the top of the toner bottle to get something to come out, not pour it. Completely different. I can think of no excuse. After I was sure that none of my skin was falling off, I couldn't stop laughing! Now I keep the fingernail polish remover in a different spot, away from the toner!!


Riahli said...

Wow awesome craft fair! Wish I could have gone. I think Ryder wants in on the next one, he's going to make some little woodworking projects to sale. I wish I could sell some stuff too, but I never seem to have much time for the crafty stuff these days.

Your story about the nail polish had me busting up! That is soooo something I would do, with no excuses either! Ha, ha!! Glad you were okay after all that, other wise not so funny... :)

Jani said...

That is so funny about the nail polish remover! One time my mom did something similar....she was getting all prettied up to go out, curled her hair and everything, and then she finally put on some hair spray....only it was really Lysol!

You sure had a cute display for the craft fair! It looks like alot of fun!

Dorothy Rimson said...

Wonderful art. Loved all this.