Jul 20, 2009

Leaving on Vacation

Last night, my sister took me to see Death Cab For Cutie!!

They are one of my favorite bands. This was their last concert on their whole tour, and it was awesome!
They are amazing live. This is the 3rd time I've been to one of their concerts. The first was many, many years ago, when they were playing at a little local event... they were pretty new, not very famous yet. But I loved them from the start. Here is the last clip of the last song they sang (before the encore):

It was a great night! We even just happened to sit with one of my best childhood friends, my next door neighbor when I was growing up! I hadn't seen her since we were kids, so that was fun! I'm so glad my sister and I got to have this night together, I'll always remember it!


We are leaving soon on our summer vacation... camping for the week! So, I've got lots of packing to do today. I've got a notice up in my shop letting everyone know that their orders will be shipped/custom orders started in one week when we return.

Also, I've been getting lots of traffic to my blog from people searching for a free sandwich wrap tutorial. As it turns out, people want a photo tutorial of the whole process, to make things easier for the new seamstress =c) I'm happy to do it, and I'll work on it when I return! I'll also show you how to make the little snack bags. Hopefully it will be just in time for getting ready for back-to-school!

I'm outta here! Have a great week!


Rebecca said...

Have a fantastic vacation!!!!

lulu said...

Awesome about your concert and all your blog traffic! Have a super Vacation!