Jul 12, 2009

Custom Orders Galore

Thanks for all the comments on my re-usable snack bags and the sandwich wrap tutorial! Lots of people mentioned that I should sell them in my shop. I just wanted to let you all know that there are dozens of great sellers on Etsy who already make these- just do a search, if you want to buy some. I probably won't list any for sale any time soon, but I always welcome custom orders :)

Speaking of custom orders, here are some that I've recently finished or am working on now:

A set of six custom bottle cap magnets.
Isn't this a beautiful family?! I love the little boy's smile, on the bottom left. So cute!

These twin Beau Bunnies are for brand new twin boys named Paul and Luke. They are in the NICU, doing well, and these bunnies are keeping them company!

Another order from the same person- the two Dinos are for the twin boys also. Plus, a bunny for a special gal named Rachel!

This batch of super cute Messenger Owls was completed a couple weeks ago! I had fun with all the color combinations! Just so you know, if you order 5 or more owls, you get a discount- you don't have to own a store or anything!

These horses are a new item I'm working on! They're the only two I've made so far, but I am hoping to make more for the shop soon. I am open to custom orders on them, though! The pattern is by FunkyFriendsFactory, the same place I got the Ellie Elephant pattern! These horses are so cute, I'm very excited... I've loved horses since I was a little girl! The soft furry mane and tail is especially endearing...

And finally, here are some elephants that I'm working on! I know, tons! The top two are actually completed as of today, and off in the mail tomorrow. The middle left one is a custom order, but the other three will be available in the shop.

I'm going to go watch a movie with Jer now. Kade is in bed, the house is quiet, my work is done.... it's a great evening!

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Anonymous said...

These are all amazing. I have one of your sets of magnets and I love them and so does everyone who sees them. All of the plushies are beautifully made and the color choices are just perfect.