Apr 13, 2009

Girly girly

Last week I had a customer buy all three of the sock monkeys in my shop! They are all going to be for baby girls, so I made a few changes and additions to girly them up. For the striped monkey, I made a very soft plush minky scarf, and a sweet little bow is sewn securely on her head.

Maybe you remember this winter sock monkey:

She is now prettied up with a french beret and matching scarf, pink with green polkadots! Very fashionable!

This weekend I was putting together some baby shower gifts for a few friends of mine (OK... I know about 5 new babies and 4 pregnant women... almost all the girls I know are pregnant or have just had a baby!). I went shopping at Fred Meyers to find something to go along with my Green Dino toy. Oshkosh makes the *PERFECT* design... it looks so much like my dino you'd think I designed it after the shirt! Even the colors match!

So, I snatched a few up, and am very excited to give these away! :)


Anonymous said...

Perfect Dino Duo :o)

cute monkeys, too :o)

Riahli said...

so stinkin cute!

urban craft said...

your monkeys are awesome! Great giveaway too!