Feb 25, 2009

Open Heart Surgery

Performed by... ME!!! The patient came through just fine :) Here are a couple pics. I have to warn you though... if you're squeamish, look away!

Looks pretty good! But, the customer wanted the heart to say something different. I love to personalize things, and I can do so to pretty much any of my items for sale. So if you ever see anything in my shop but you wish it had a patch or said something else, don't hesitate to ask! Most of the time I even make little changes like these free of charge. If it takes longer than 20 minutes or so, I do charge a small fee of about $5.

(Hey- I just noticed in this picture that miss sock monkey here has a wild crazy pink string coming out of her ear! She should get something done about that.... not normal!)

The patient is comfortable and asleep and I begin the heart surgery. I have tiny little scissors especially for jobs like these! I go very gently and slowly... a mistake would be bad at this point!

The heart is all sewn up! The stitches will never come out. Sock monkey now has a brand new pink heart for Leila. I hope she will be happy with it!


Riahli said...

very cute!

Jesse and Jani said...

Hi Melody! You sure have a talent for making cute little gifts and things! I've really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing how you all are doing.