Feb 22, 2009

One word - Busy!!!

This weekend has been a whirlwind! We had to take the car to get a tune-up, I went to a fun baby shower and saw good friends I hadn't seen in way too long, I went to the 1st birthday party of one of the kids I take care of, I am working on a big Bella Bunny update, several custom orders, some new products, shall I keep going? I like being busy, because relaxing makes me feel guilty for not doing anything! Here are the pictures of Valentines goodies I promised. I'm glad I'm at least getting them in during the month of February ;)

Here is the card I made for Jer. I just hand cut a heart, sewed it onto the natural card stock, and sewed that onto white card stock. Very quick and simple, but I like the result!

Here are some other cards I made for grandparents, etc. I found the swirly frame image in Google. I hand cut out hearts from red felt, sewed them to white paper, cut out and inked, and glued to the design. I like the bright red contrasting with the black, white, and neutral!

I decided to make gourmet chocolate dipped pretzels! I used both white and semi-sweet dark chocolate. I added chocolate sprinkles, red sprinkles, and coconut toppings. I sorted them into little plastic bags and tied with a ribbon and added a tag. Kade helped with this too, it's a great project for kids!
(I didn't take any pictures of this, but I wanted to mention because it's easy and cute- for Kade's preschool snack for Valentine's Day, we sliced watermelon and used heart and lips cookie cutters to make it fun. I also used the cookie cutters to cut out pink rice krispy treats- yumm!)

Kade chose out Spongebob valentines this year. I only took pictures because I was SO excited and proud that he chose to sit down and write his name on EVERY single one! By the time he was done, he could write his name by himself, without even looking at anything! He was so proud of his work too :)


Riahli said...

Oh Kade's proud face is so cute, I love the way a child's name looks when they first start spelling on their own, adorable.

Those cards are super cute, are you still selling cards?

BTW where are my chocolate covered pretzels I might add? Just kidding, those do look super yummy though.

I seriously might have to buy an elephant from you, like the one you made for Iva, that was the cutest thing I've seen in an long time.

*jimaie.marie* said...

i LOVE LOVE the cards you made, they are ADORABLE! I'm really wanting to try my hand at felt/fabric with paper! I've never done it before but seeing so many cute crafts like yours out there is inspiring!

Thos pretzels looks SO good and Kade made me smile--so precious!