Jan 2, 2009

Health, Sanity, and Accidental Law Breaking

It's a pretty good Friday!

I don't have to work, Kade let me sleep in until 9, my cold is going away, and it's the New Year. I usually don't do the whole resolutions thing. Only because I never stick to them, and it's depressing to think that I always fail my resolutions! But this year, I NEED to make changes in my life. For my health, and for my sanity. ("What sanity?", some of you may ask...)

So this year I have two resolutions decisions:

#1 (For my health)-
Get healthy. I have PCOS, along with every single symptom that comes along with it. I am supposed to exercise like CRAZY and go on a special diet (basically the same diet as diabetics are supposed to keep). When I found out a couple months ago, I was doing
really well for a while, but then I kind of "fell off the wagon." Today I started again, because if I don't get control of this, I have a higher risk of diabetes, cancer, strokes, heart disease, and other scary stuff, on top of the problems that I ALREADY have because of this. I don't need any more problems!

#2 (For my sanity)-
Get organized. I have a very small house, and lots of stuff. Some of it I guess I could get rid of, but there is a LOT of stuff that I just can't get rid of - crafty supp
lies is one example. I don't have a craft room. I have my kitchen table, and a little spot behind my couch. I think what I lack most is storage. If I had some kind of system for everything, it would be much easier. What I need is someone who is very organized to come over to my house and help me! Heeeellllp! Need help!

It's only 10:30 am, but so far... doin' good :) Woohoo! Only about 8,740 more hours to go until next year. I can do it!

Oh, by the way - it is illegal to do fireworks on New Years Day. Kade didn't stay up on New Years Eve for the fireworks and he was REALLY sad he missed them, so we did two late afternoon on the 1st. Cops showed up, but decided against coming into our driv
eway (big piles of snow make it a tight squeeze) so they just used the loudspeaker. Oops.

See, Kade, mommy and daddy are willing to break the law (unknowingly!!) for your happiness.

I'll leave you with a treasury I made a few days ago. I love the color green, and all these plushies are so so cute :) I want the giraffe and the squid hat!!


Riahli said...

Cute stuff!

Green is the best...

So this doesn't have any thing to do with this post, but the comment you left me on my post was hilarious! He stayed up until 3 am! Now that is testing limits. Atty and Kade are serious night owls!

monkeys always look said...

love your treasury! good for you. I don't think I have the patients to sit and wait for a spot, but I do see that it is worth it!! lovely