Oct 1, 2008


Once there was a bear who was in the back seat.

He started licking the seatbelt, going,
(There was honey on it from the boys sandwich.)
The little kid said, "
aaaaahhhhhhh!! Oh, gosh!"
and ran and ran and ran across the street.
He ran across the river
and up to the woods and back again.
Oh my gosh!" He said.
Then he saw the bear was just a costume.

"Oh, gosh,
this is not a thing of danger!

It's just Mimi!

the little boy said.

And this is the story of how I met Mimi.*

The end.**

*Mimi is what Kade calls his two fingers.... sometimes Mimi comes to visit, sometimes he's gone. He takes over Kade's fingers. He loves to tell jokes. He loves dressing up in his bear costume. Once in a while he fights with Kade and I have to separate them. Yeah.

**Original story by Kade

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