Oct 7, 2008

"I'm being winded!!!"

That's Kade speak for "I'm being blown away!" and quite literally, he almost did get blown away! Here is a small collection of photos from our recent trip to the Space Needle and Seattle Science Center.

I wasn't trying to take a cool crooked artsy photo or anything, I just had to turn my camera that way to get the whole building in!

The view of the Sound with a cargo ferry coming in.

The view from the other side of the Space Needle- typical cloudy dreary Seattle weather!

This is the only picture of me! Should have brought a hair band...
Right when you go around the curve in a certain spot, it goes from calm to windy. That's why the guy in the background doesn't seem to be having any trouble, while Jer and Kade look like they are in the umbrella scene from Mary Poppins. Also, Jer might be exaggerating a tiny bit (not much, tho!)...
No exaggerating here!! Kade really didn't care about the great view, he just loved the feeling of having to lean forward at a 45 degree angle in order to not fly backwards! The wind was really so strong that it was hard to breathe!
My favorite butterfly from the Science Center.I loved the striped furry body! Look at the eyes! The tongue!

"T-Rex has such stinky breath... wait...he's right behind me, isn't he..."
"King me?"

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Erin Tales said...

He looks like he is playing wizards chess! LOL!