Mar 20, 2012

Goodbye, Narwhals!

It has been a crazy few months! Besides my normal busy schedule full of kids activities, Etsy orders, and lots of other stuff, my husband has been working 7 days a week building this:

and, oh yes, we had a sweet little baby:

and on top of all of that, I completed my biggest order ever!
This is what 135 narwhals looks like before:

and this is after (plus 1 giant narwhal):

I feel like it is the end of one season and the beginning of a new one.
(Wait, maybe because it IS the first day of SPRING, after all!)
The thought, "Narwhals!" has been running through my mind for the past few months. It was a lot of work getting an order that big completed! I loved making the cute little guys, but I'm happy to be done with that project. Now I can move on to the next big thing. This new season holds many new and exciting things- settling in to life as a family of four, moving into our first house, getting kittens, stocking up my Etsy shop again, and I can't wait to see what else comes our way!

Goodbye little narwhals, I hope you all find good homes and have grand adventures!

Guardian of the Narwhal Horns, you were fabulous. All of these magical horns found their way safely and securely onto each and every narwhal. Job well done.

(You can pretend that I did not just talk to a silly picture of a stuffed animal, OK?)


Riahli said...

Melody you are adorable... :) And that baby of yours is growing up way too fast!!! Oh my goodness! I also can't believe how far along your house it, wow! I don't know if I've done enough of these {!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!} yet or not, ha ha!!!
Oh and by the way, I talk to myself, inanimate objects, and people who can't hear me, all the time... so you are not alone. ;)

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