Nov 10, 2011

Sweater refashion - clothes for boys

I should be cleaning my house, but the baby in my tummy is telling me that I should eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches, drink berry smoothies, and blog, instead. Well, maybe not the blogging, but I am definitely craving the food! And why not blog while I'm eating? I love multitasking!

I have had this big old sweater in my cut-up-and-make-something bin for a long time. I was thinking pillow cover? Stuffed animal? Hat? Not until I saw *this post* at Made did the obvious finally hit me- just make a smaller sweater! So that's just what I did. I followed Dana's great instructions, and in about an hour, Kade had a brand new sweater!

The before:
This sweater was a size XL, and in great condition. Kade thought it was just fun to wear it around like this, making faces and pretending he has really short arms.

The after:
It fits! I used a long sleeved shirt as the pattern, cutting just a bit larger since I wanted a somewhat baggy, comfy fit. Kade loves it, but he thinks it's itchy. I'll just have him wear a t-shirt underneath.

As always, Kade must turn a simple request for one shot into a full photo shoot! There ended up being about 30 poses before I finally told him that I thought I might have enough pictures to choose from. I couldn't help but make this little collage with some of the best.

I have really been enjoying trying to make more of our clothes lately. I haven't made Kade anything else yet besides some freezer paper stenciled shirts, and enlarging some neck holes on some favorite shirts (he has a big head!), but I have some things planned! Yesterday I made 5 maternity shirts for myself out of some t-shirts, skirts, and other fabric that I had in my stash. I'll share those soon!


Riahli said...

Melody you are so crafty! Can't wait to see the other shirts you made... I loved peanut butter and banana sandwhiches {with a little honey too} when I was prego with Banden... Loved Them! So yummy. :)

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