Oct 4, 2009


Hey everybody!

How would you like a chance to win this cute set of four Halloween recycled bottle cap magnets??

Head on over to Serenity's Giveaways to enter!

Good luck!! =c)

PS- Last night, my husband called me outside to look at the moon. It was huge and full and beautiful. The sky looked like a painting, with the sky lit up by the light of the moon, behind that old tree and the shed. I tried to take a picture, which didn't work too well, but here is the best one:


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TMCPhoto said...

I'm on a shoot the moon kick so I know what you mean about wanting to get a picture, I've found that a tripod is essential, barring that putting the camera onto something solid helps, no matter how still you try to hold yourself you can never be completely still. That's a great shot by the way, i love the giant tree it must have been stunning