Sep 18, 2009

Why I have been so busy!

Here is the answer: Lots and Lots of custom orders! I currently caught up and just waiting for more. I'm sharing a few pictures with you today, but this isn't even all!

(This was a gift for a friend of mine. I don't know if it will fit her baby all at the same time, because I guessed on the sizes for everything, but I think it's cute! Love sock monkeys!)

Next, I'll be sharing pictures of the second ever Sock Chicken, a Sock Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and an adorable plush horsie!


Riahli said...

adorable! I love, love, love the outfit you made for me, I can't wait to try it on her!! I will be ordering one of those super cute horses from you soon. :)

Mountain Home Quilts said...

oh my gosh, all of this stuff is sooooooooo cute! you're one talented lady! :)