Sep 10, 2008

Play on Words

Literally! :)
This is something new I'm working on.
Here is the tag that will be tied on to the drawstring bag
(This one is for Banden, the son of a good friend of mine):

Comes with it's own carrying case to keep things organized and easily transportable. The little one also fits into the large bag.

Inside is a stack of hand cut, double layered felt letters, and a rolled up mat.

Unroll the mat, and now you can see that it is a matching game!

Now Banden has a fun new way to learn how to spell his name!

*These are not yet available in the shop. However, if any of you want one of these for a child in your life, I am offering them at a discounted rate, while I make more practice ones to figure out the best way to do things! Just let me know :)

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