Mar 7, 2008

Floods, flaming tea kettles, and tattoos.

My sister came over last week and we took some fun pics, so I thought I'd share them! They were lots of fun, however, I think my neighbors are scared of me now. Plus, I live next to a major highway, so I'm sure lots of people happened to glance over and do a double take at two adult women and a little boy laying on their backs on the concrete with their feet in the air. Oh well, what fun is it being normal? :)

This picture is of me, tattoo is K's exact footprint from his birth certificate. He was so tiny once!

Couldn't leave K out! He was a bit of a camera hog, he wanted to be in every single picture with his auntie. Notice his stylin' hair and sunglasses, you can even see me and my sister in the lenses!
This is my favorite picture ever! Poor girl, I made her jump a thousand times. It was worth it though! I love how it seems she is 5 feet off the ground. She is a rock star!!

What else has been going on...

Well, there was the washing machine issue. My in-laws got a new stackable washer and dryer set so they gave us their nice heavy duty side by side ones. We installed them on Saturday, I ran my first load of clothes, and the washer drain overflowed. And overflowed. While I was trying to stop/clean up the overflow (our whole house is carpeted...), I forgot that I had been boiling water in the tea kettle for some cocoa. Did you know that tea kettles can catch on fire? And melt onto your burner? And fill your whole house with horrible smoke that smells like burning chemicals? Yeah, it was fun. I hope to never again have a fire in one room and a flood in the next. I will miss my wonderful giraffe tea kettle. It claimed to make the "sound of a giraffe" when the water was boiling. I had always wondered what giraffes sounded like.

I called the plumber on Monday, they were busy.

I made an appointment for Tuesday afternoon. They never came. My mom bought me a new tea kettle and toaster (Saturday had been a bad day for appliances at my house), which was really nice! It cheered me up quite a bit.

Wednesday I called plumber again, they apologized for not showing up the day before and made me an appointment for Thursday morning. They emphasized I should get the FIRST one of the day, to make SURE they wouldn't get held up at another job and not come again.

Thursday morning came and went, no plumber. I called them again, and they said no, I don't have an appointment. Oh wait, there it is, 9-11PM. I mentioned that I didn't know they worked so late, and they said that, in fact, they do not work that late. However, that is when they scheduled me. Hmm... I got a little frustrated on the phone and told them I NEEDED someone. Today. (Between Saturday and Thursday, multiple people had been over multiple times trying to fix the drain, to no avail.)

(I know you are sitting on the edge of your computer chair, exclaiming, "but what next??? Does the drain ever get fixed??
Is there no end to the insanity??"
Keep reading - the conclusion draws near!!!!)

Finally, Thursday night at eight o'clock, a plumber drives one hour to come fix the drain. He fills the washing machine with water, drains it.... and comes out to tell us, HOORAY!! there is no problem, it works perfectly!!! He's got the magic touch! After I fainted/pulled my hair out/insisted he was wrong, he tested it 3 more times just to make sure. Yep, it is miraculously fixed. Plumber leaves. I start a load of clothes. The drain overflows. I call plumber, who is halfway home, and he turns around to come back. He ended up staying until 11:30 that night, walking around on the roof in the pitch dark, cutting a hole out of my wall, and sawing off a section of pipe. I'm sure my neighbors appreciate all that late night sawing.

The drain is now fixed! I can't believe what an ordeal that turned in to. We still have a whole in our wall, too. It is conveniently covered up by the ironing board. Life goes on.


In other news, remember that purse I am supposed to be making, from a few posts down? I am half way done and can't wait to finish it and post some pictures!

Also, my sister and I got tattoos yesterday!! That is her birthday present to me, it was SO much fun, and I couldn't think of anything sweeter to do with her!! Aside from a little guy I know STOMPING on my fresh new tattoo with his dirty shoes, it is healing really well. We will take pictures soon!

That is all for now, and if you read that, thanks!! I'll be back in a few days with more pictures and some new crafty things. Have a great weekend!


Precious Memories. Always Remember. said...

Hi!! Thanks for commenting on my blog!! Thanks for the compliment! I love your pictures!! I am going to add your blog to my favorites!!

Little Pods Clothing said...

You should go for it, your stuff is great! And that is the best tattoo I've ever seen. What a wonderful reminder. My Sam (21 months) is already getting so big, it scares me, it's happened so fast!

Nodin's Nest said...

Oh, I love the footprint tattoo! what a sweet idea!

Tara said...

Awesome pictures!! And sweet treasury you posted, robots! :-)

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for a tatoo. Who'd of thunk. Surely not me when my kids were born.

jimaiemarie said...

Ooo! a new blog! I found you thru the Blog Party and am so glad i did! I'm sticking you on my list of faves and spreadin the word ;)

I LOVE your tattoo-- I've seen the idea but NEVER on a foot and I LOVE it!! what a great idea, it's SO adorable!!!

I have a thing for robots too, i had spotted your treasury before and faved almost everything on it, LOL!