Feb 23, 2008

I posted my first Treasury!

I have been trying for a couple days to create a list in Etsy's Treasury. Success! Here it is:

I chose the theme of robots because 1) they are awesome, and 2) K is, as he informs me, one of them. The button on his knee makes him walk, the switch on his nose makes him beep like a car, and poking his belly button causes a glitch in the system and then is has to be reset.

Feb 22, 2008

Getting started is always the hardest part!

I always get so excited about new projects... I love designing them, choosing out the materials, etc., but once it gets down to the actual putting together of it, I procrastinate! I have been meaning to make my sister a library tote for months now. Here are my supplies, aren't they lovely and bright? I have a vision of how it will turn out, I just hope it looks somewhat similar to what I see in my brain! I got that cute Japanese linen tape from ChocolateSwirl, I am loving Japanese fabrics lately.

I have sewn lots of totes before, but always simple gift-bag types, or sweet little girl purses. I just want it to be perfect, because, you know, people will see it! I know the only thing different will be the size, but it intimidates me. I found a couple tote tutes that I will be looking at, here are the links:

Tote Bags 101
Zip Top Tote Tute
Easy Peasy Tote
Reversible Tote Bag
Bags, Totes, and Purse Sewing Projects

I will post a picture when it's done!

Feb 21, 2008

Old Dickies Jeans = New Wallet

I had this pair of Dickies jeans in my fabric stash for about 4 years. The only thing wrong with them was that they were missing a button, and, no longer fit J. He saw the needles and pins holder (a couple posts down) that I made for myself, and wanted me to make something for him. So, he chose out these jeans and an old camo bandanna, and now they are a wallet! Right now he just uses a small binder clip- he does not like anything big or bulky, and having to actually open something up to get money out would be horrible! So this is very simple, with just a pocket on front for essential cards and a pocket on the back for cash, receipts, or whatever. I have to be honest... the first wallet did not come out as planned, so it is now a carrier for K's tiny beloved transformer! Luckily there was another Dickies patch on the other pant leg, and this wallet turned out much better. I hope he likes it!

Feb 19, 2008

Out of my head

K loves music in the car. The confusing thing is that he makes up names for all the songs he likes, but I don't know which name goes to which song. For example, he will demand to hear "mommy's song" when in fact, I had no idea I have my own song!! Apparently, "mommy's song" is actually M.I.A.'s "Galang", which is a pretty fun song from the Live at KEXP Volume 2 CD - if I weren't driving, I would dance too! Anyways, I need to make notes on these things, really!
This video was taken a few months ago when J was driving, and Kade's song of the day, "out of my head," (Tegan and Sara's "Back in Your Head") played on repeat at least 5 times, but the cuteness was worth it!

Feb 18, 2008

Lex the Fish

For Valentine's Day, J picked out a pretty betta fish to go in the big bowl with our froggies. They all get along great, and even hang out together. Once so far, the frogs (Ninja and Slayer) saw Lex swimming by above them and thought it was food, grabbed onto his tail with their mouths, and from then on it was a wild ride. I am so glad I have a mesh cover on the bowl, because I am sure at least one would have been flung out during the mass panic. Lex was, of course, a bit upset with the frogs. He stalked them for the next few hours, facing them and flaring up. I happened to have my camera out and got a picture of all the excitement. Lex soon forgot about being mad carried on with his normal business of staring at me wherever I go.


I made something for myself today! I saw a cute handy needles and pins carrier that someone else had made, and thought that would be awesome to have. Every time I take my sewing things with me somewhere, the pincushion just gets thrown in the bag with everything else, snagging on socks, tangled with embroidery thread, etc. Well, I'm trying to get more organized, so here is what will solve that problem, at least:

It was so simple to make, took about 10 minutes. I think I will make some as gifts for some people I know who sew. Maybe I will make some matching pincushions so they have a set, one for home and one for travel!

Feb 15, 2008


I have some new little girl purses coming to the shop this week. Actually a couple of them I wouldn't mind carrying around myself :) Here are some sneak peeks!

I have also had a few requests for purses (for any age) that resemble my plush felt owls... I'm working on something that I think is going to be so much fun!

Feb 12, 2008

BusyFingers BabyBuddies

I have introduced a new item into the shop! They are infant toys made of fleece, with ribbon tags. My mom came up with the name BusyFingers BabyBuddies. I think it is a cute name, plus it describes what the toy is! I have 6 more designs coming soon, and some ideas not drawn out yet. These are the three designs available right now:

*Lavender Flower*

*Blue Whale*

*Red Bird*

There is a local boutique that might have these in their store on consignment, along with my sock monkeys, little girl purses, and plush owls! They have already been selling the bottle cap magnets for quite a while, which do well there. I am going to take some items down there this week for the owner to see. I've got to get working so I have enough stuff to take in. Fun stuff!

Something else fun in my life lately is a little tradition that my sister and I are starting. Once a month she comes over to our house and we cook an international meal together! I love international food, but cooking intimidates me! Everything has turned out really great so far. Here is what we have tried, along with the recipes:
India - Palak Paneer
Greece - Spanakopita
Thailand - Peanut Sauce on Sukhothai Pad Thai
(minus sauce, plus chicken & mushrooms)
Tonight we are doing Italy - Spinach and Sausage Lasagna with White Sauce
(seemed fitting since Valentine's Day is this week)

Cooking internationally (as opposed to restaurants and take out, which we do quite often with Indian and Greek food especially) has been great for me - I find that I can actually cook these wonderful meals, it is not any more expensive than cooking "normal" food, it makes K want to try more things (He loves Gyros, and the spicy feta dipping sauce), and.... it is just yummy! It makes cooking enjoyable for me, and I know J appreciates that I am cooking more!

I'll add on more recipes each month as we try them out! I think next month will be Ireland, since St. Patty's day is coming up!

Today I'll be making some Valentine's Day cards with K to send out to his Grandparents and some other special people. I'll post the results later!

Feb 10, 2008

Say Chicken!

I just completed a custom order for one of my awesome customers. When she asked for a sock chicken, I was a bit worried... I've made monkeys, frogs, zebras, elephants, turtles, cats, and dogs, but never a chicken! It all started out with a little sketch (I do realize that I can't draw...) and after much trial and error, 4 wings, 4 feet, and 2 beaks, I am finally done with it and am SO HAPPY with how it turned out. Sock Chicken actually looks like a chicken, woohoo! This might be the world's first ever sock chicken, but I know for sure it won't be the last! I really enjoy a challenge. Making things out of socks and felt just makes me happy. I love experimenting, designing patterns, and figuring out how to put things together.

I have little bits of socks, felt, and embroidery thread from this project all over my kitchen floor. It was all in a pile under the sewing machine, but K thinks it's a riot to run through the pile like a football player runs through the huge paper banner held up by 10 cheerleaders... he makes as big of mess as possible and is so proud of himself when he sees the mass destruction behind him! Doesn't help that my kitchen is carpeted. So I'm off to vacuum and then package Mr. Chicken up so I can send him to his new home tomorrow!

Feb 4, 2008

Messenger Owls

I figured it was about time for my very first post!
First of all, welcome to my blog! I plan to update with new posts every week or so. I will be putting information about my new crafty projects, showing you my creative process, sharing cool things I have found, such as free tutorials, awesome blogs, and more.

I made a messenger owl over a year ago and have been wanting to make some for my etsy shop ever since! I finally started working on a few. Now that I only work 2 days a week, I have much more time to work on my projects. These owls are pretty small - about 6 inches tall - and have a pocket on the back that is the perfect size for gift cards, matchbox cars, tootsie rolls, etc!
My son has already snagged the smarties and the Zune. I love the blue owl with the picture in the pocket - so much more fun than getting a picture in an envelope! :)
I put 4 owls up in my shop this morning, and more will be added tonight, before J and I head out to see Juno. I love the soundtrack to this movie, especially this song:

Such a sweet song!!

I'll leave with a picture of me and K, taken by our awesome new MAC. We were having fun with some of the effects... I'm going to have to bargain with K to let me use the computer from now on, I think! Between Photo Booth and Text Edit, he has hours of fun at his fingertips :)

Next week, I'll be adding some brand new items to my shop. I am really excited about them and can't wait until they are ready!